I remember seeing that t-shirt when I was about 11 years old and thinking it was funny but not entirely grasping why.  Love is one of the most twisted, misunderstood, and misdirected emotions.  I feel this is due to what so many see is Love’s direct correlation to power over others.  As humans throughout our evolution anything that can provide power over others has been twisted and exploited. If Love Hurts, You are Doing it Wrong Common Blocks in Manifestation As a professional intuitive and tarot card reader, I work with a wide variety of clients.  Some show up on a regular basis looking for guidance.  Some live their lives in a “tuned in” state but periodically request a reading for clarity. Lately, I have seen more clients just come wandering in with a rather dazed look on their face explaining that they are not sure why they are in a metaphysical shop - they have never had any interest in it but inexplicably walked in the door.  As would be expected, each client has very different guidance come through in readings.  What I find the most intriguing, however, is what similarities they have.  Common threads seem to weave through our collective unconsciousness.  When I see these surface it always feels profound, a connection to unity and in need of examining what role these commonalities play in our lives. I also feel guided to share this information with others.   You can't 'figure your way out' of the conceptual prison that your mind has created. The mind cannot 'see' outside the mind. Freedom can come only when you leave the entire conceptual framework behind. -Ed Muzika Confusion is abundant with the absence of some degree of direction.          - Alexander Wildasin The words shared don't matter as much as the vibration they come from.               -Elina St-Onge Created by Soul Path Living 2011  Creating the Void:  Manifestation Starts With a Belief that the Universe Provides                                                                        The feminine energies of 2012 are ramping up.  They are coming in a powerful way with the Venus transit and June itself carrying these energies as well.  What kind of a picture does that paint in your mind?   I’m envisioning a large portion of the males who read this shrinking back with the thought….”I hope she’s not angry!”  Don’t worry men; it’s not that kind of energy.  So, what traits do these feminine energies carry? Intuition, feeling, emotion, cooperation, and being in the present moment are some of the most powerful.  In contrast, the old masculine energies connect with thought, planning, future oriented action, and dominance. T The Feminine Energies 0f 2012 I am writing this article on the Spring Equinox in the infamous year of 2012. The spring Equinox is about balance and new beginnings. The energies of 2012 that are running through our planet right now are about coming into integrity with ourself. This opens up the doors to a very synergistic process as these energies combine. When I do healing work a big part of what I do is help my client clear old energy they have been hanging onto that does not serve their highest needs. Most of the time this energy is dark in color and obvious that it is holding the person back, limiting them in a variety of ways. We all can’t wait to clear this type of energy. There is another type of energy that we are also being called to clear.