Created by Soul Path Living 2011 Creating the Void: Manifestation Starts with a Belief that the Universe Provides I am writing this article on the Spring Equinox in the infamous year of 2012.  The spring Equinox is about balance and new beginnings.  The energies of 2012 that are running through our planet right now are about coming into integrity with ourself.  This opens up the doors to a very synergistic process as these energies combine.  When I do healing work a big part of what I do is help my client clear old energy they have been hanging onto that does not serve their highest needs.  Most of the time this energy is dark in color and obvious that it is holding the person back, limiting them in a variety of ways.  We all can’t wait to clear this type of energy.  There is another type of energy that we are also being called to clear.  Sometimes, it is the comfortable and complacent energy that creates stagnation.  Other times it is old thoughts we hold on to.  Maybe, thoughts of a love we didn’t want to lose, or a love we were never able to gain reciprocation in.   It can be in the form of inflexibility that we have built over time to protect ourselves.  It can also be being too flexible so we don’t have to face ourselves in the reflection of other people’s dissatisfaction.  This type of energy is more difficult to recognize as something that needs to be cleared.  It shows up to me as dark colored energy with a thin veneer of white around it.  Just enough white that we can hold the illusion for ourselves that we should hang on to it.  This is an illusion, one the Universe will continue to give us opportunities to break until we can see the truth. We don’t let go of these energies and their manifestations in the physical because we don’t trust that the Universe will provide us with something better.  Interestingly, the Universe will support us by providing something better, but first will support us by helping us to let go of whatever is not serving our highest needs.   Often, we mistake this break down of energies, relationships, jobs, living structures, thought patterns, etc as the Universe not supporting us.  We think, I’m asking the Universe to work with me, to help me find happiness and fulfillment in my life and all that is happening is my life is falling apart. Let me ask you, is your life falling apart?  Yes? Yes, you say, well congratulations!!!  Perfect, way to go!!  I am serious; this is a very good thing.  Now it is time to embrace this “Opportunity” the Universe has blessed you with.  Detach from the drama, see the big picture, be patient, and open up to receive.  If I said to a room full of people, “let’s try something, I want to help you all out, each of you hold up a $20 bill.”  Then I took the $20 bills out of your hands, walked out of the room, got in my car and drove away.   I would expect you might not think this is such a great “something” to try and that I am not “helping” you.  You might even be angry with me, sitting there thinking angry thoughts, telling each other about how I am definitely not supporting you.  What if a week later I came back and handed each of you a $100 bill and said, “Here this is what you all really need, not a $20 bill.”  Suddenly, the big picture is clear.  I’m a great guy!  I really am supporting you after all.  The Universe is great and here to support you.  Wouldn’t you like to be the person in the room who got excited when I took off with your $20 bill because you knew you were making room for something better?  I was clearing a limiting belief that $20 was what you needed.  When The Universe releases something in our lives with or without our conscious help it creates a void.  This is where the opportunity for step two - filling the void comes in.  We are called, not to look backwards at what we lost, but, rather, forward at what we want to manifest in this new void.  When our attention is in the past we are likely to recreate a similar unhealthy situation all over again.  We are still carrying the same energies and those energies manifest into the same “stuff”.  We should be deliberate with how we treat this void.  We need to get clear on what we want in our lives.  Then hold the intention to attract it and with that intention we will hold the thoughts, emotions, and vibration that bring what we want into our lives. When we trust in the Universe’s divine plan, we trust in our future.  We know that, even through loss, we are being supported in all ways.  When you trust in the Universe you can smile and say “thank you” when your boss tells you your job has lost its funding, when you go out to take your motorcycle for a ride and see a car has run over it in the parking lot, or when who you thought was your closest friend does not want to be your friend any more.  We can say thank you because we know the Universe is here to support us.  I recognize that not all the clearing that is happening now falls into this category as clearly.  Some of our losses are Karmic.  These losses clear us at an even deeper level, which is exactly why they are so much harder to release.  The payoff is at a soul level and far less tangible and “feel good” even down the road when the Universe helps us to fill this type of void. As we manifest and fill the voids we have co-created with the Universe it is so important that we exercise patience and balance.  We must let the old energies clear so our vibration can shift into a new way of being.  A way of being that is in resonance with what we want to manifest in our new lives.  Recently, I have had a realization in this area.  It started during Ceremony.  I was calling in the directions with my drum.  In the past I would send my energy out, reaching for the energy of each direction.  When we are reaching for something, we don’t have faith that it will come to us, faith that it wants to connect with us as much as we want to connect with it.  Calling in the directions had always felt far less significant than I expected it to.  I was shown why.  What I needed to do instead of reaching was to open up to receive, then wait with the pure faith that I would indeed receive.  A trust and knowing that the Spirit of each direction would come to me, that Spirit wants to connect with me as much as I want to connect with it.  Then it happened, unmistakably, as I opened to each direction with pure faith, portals opened, allowing this flow of energy and Spirit from each direction.  What a profound shift.  The same is true with manifestation. In order to manifest what we want in our lives we must let go of the old and get clear on what we want.  Sometimes the releasing of the old comes prior to us getting clear on what we want.  However, getting clear on what we want does give the Universe the green light to clear the old energies and 3-d manifestations of those energies that stand in our way, speeding up the whole process.  We then need to allow our vibration to come into resonance with what we are creating.   We do this through our thoughts, emotions, and actions all aligning for our highest good.  The whole time if we can see the big picture and with pure faith, acceptance, and understanding allow the process to unfold we can co-create with the Universe whatever we want in our lives.  Our manifestations are only limited by our own beliefs.  So, check your fears at the door and step into this new age of unlimited co-creation!  Love and Light, David Aaron Waldas